• Health benefits from rotating walnut in the hand

    Walnuts having essential energy promoting blood circulation and regulating body temperature, have long been used in China, not only as food but as a from of art, it is said that the Emperor himself liked rotating walnuts as a recreational hobby, Rotat...

    2019-08-24 admin 1725

  • How does walnuts eat best?

    How does walnuts eat best? 1. Should be taken in moderation and long-term. Walnuts contain fat, although it is beneficial to remove cholesterol unsaturated fatty acid, but fat itself has the very high quantity of heat, if eat too much and c...

    2019-08-11 admin 172

  • knowledge Walnut

    Analysis of the medical reasons: walnut, for nourishing the liver and kidney, strong muscles and bones to take medicine, so the good treatment of the back pain, all the bones and pains. For it can repair kidney, so can solid tooth, wu hair,...

    2019-08-06 admin 115

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