Walnut Garden Village is poor in land. In the past, villagers lived on farming and planting, and their income was poor. It belonged to poor mountainous areas. In 2010, I was elected president of Walnut Garden Society II by the villagers. In order to meet the expectations of the public, I actively explored the road of development, wholeheartedly for the walnut garden villagers and families with poor disabled people, led the villagers'representatives to go up the hill to inspect and study the surrounding villages, and made use of the existing collective "existing forest land" regional resources to formulate development. To develop efficient ecological agriculture, adapt to rural industrial structure and economic transformation, realize the ideas of agricultural industrialization, industrial ecology and ecological industrialization, shorten the gap between rich and poor, move towards common prosperity, and construct a harmonious family, we should develop a one-stop service plan for walnut industry planting, production and processing, packaging and sales. Publishing suggestions, leading the masses to build a walnut industry planting base on the barren slopes of their villages. The barren slopes cover more than 2000 mu, planting more than 40,000 seedlings of walnut trees. Radiation drives 16 disabled people and 30 poor disabled families to obtain employment, and becomes a good friend of the disabled in the village, a leader in getting rich. The walnut industry base has become a far-reaching news. The famous poverty alleviation base for the disabled has also established "Shangri-la Yuandaozhuang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. for walnut garden villagers". Invest in organizing manpower to build roads for the village, so as to facilitate people's travel. The walnut orchard and even the whole 4A scenic area of Tiger Leaping Gorge are well-known natural eco-tourism cultural villages, which are a rare undertaking and benefit future generations. Measures to promote resource development and sustainable development and utilization of this project have laid a good foundation for building Tiger Leaping Gorge 5A tourism brand, and laid a good foundation for the future development of Tiger Leaping Gorge 5A tourism brand. The government has lightened the burden, played a role in soil and water conservation and natural ecological stability, and laid the development goal of natural ecological civilization construction!