Health benefits from rotating walnut in the hand

2019-08-24 09:23 admin
Rolling with the effect of walnuts
Walnut is a kind of dried fruit that we often eat, the walnut of general Tiger Leaping Gorge Walhut Garden is more famous, not only taste is good, and grain is full rolling play walnut and we eat walnuts are not quite the same, more expensive than the consumption of walnuts, like agate has become a handicraft.Long-term play walnut benefits are many, the following is a simple introduction to play walnut on the human body what benefits:
The purpose of the walnut players was to keep fit.Modern science has proved that rubbing walnut can delay the aging of the body, and have a great effect on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke.In particular, a number of people engaged in desk work for a long time, playing walnut can play a role in promoting blood circulation, prevention of occupational disease. In addition, through the play, a pair of ordinary walnut years become crystal clear, became a good work of art.
In the process of playing walnut, people use the sharp thorn, raised and edges and corners of walnut, adopt techniques such as kneading, rubbing, pressing, pinching, rubbing, rubbing, rolling and so on to exercise both hands, press palm points, stimulate the response area of the hand, to achieve the effect of relieving arteries and collaterals, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and strengthening the body.Because the walnut skin is thick and firm, after long-term hand rubbing, sweat infiltration, grease penetration, time grinding, become a bright through red, red transparent, not agate is more like agate natural art works.In the minds of people who play walnut, walnut is not only fitness equipment, is not only a work of art, but also set to play, fitness, appreciation in a pearl of the palm.
What are the benefits of playing with walnuts for a long time?
1, permanent sense, play walnut collection, play life long, play a few years or decades with you old is natural, more than pass on to future generations, when the value and beauty is difficult to express.
2. Lasting appeal and culture embodied in antique walnuts.Quote from the antique world: "after numerous natural and social disasters, all the ancient artifacts passed down by luck carry rich information of our ancestors, such as their clothing, food, transportation, customs, ideals and beliefs, pursuit of The Times, etc.
3, noble sense, antique walnut began in the han and tang dynasties sheng in the Ming and qing dynasties, in ancient times are royal relatives and officials of the plaything, past dynasties collection and love of the walnut emperor is not very enumerate, is one of the tribute, the people at that time is very rare to have.Now we can all have and play with applause, it is really elegant.
4, sense of health, since ancient times, playing walnut is the treasure of physical fitness.One of the activities of bones and muscles to promote blood circulation, the other with the aid of its lines and edges and corners, dredge channels and collaterals, disease prolongation, not easy to suffer from hypertension, cerebral thrombosis and so on.Three modern scientific proof, rubbing walnut can delay the aging of the body, to prevent cardiovascular disease, avoid stroke has a great role.
Especially some people engaged in office work for a long time, playing walnut can play a role in promoting blood circulation and preventing occupational disease.In the documentary "a hundred years of Chen yun," there is a scene in which Chen yun turns two walnuts, which have been kneaded into a deep red, with his right hand.Disk walnut can stimulate the palms of the effective points;As the saying goes, one finger to the heart.Kneading walnuts every day can relax tendons, nourish internal organs, regulate deficiency and deficiency, regulate qi and blood, and maintain the normal function of human body.
5, sense of value, the wild walnut is rare, with a good pair of difficult, and can not be born, there is no walnut is the same.This conclusion is not in dispute, now playing with a growing number of people, with a pair of prepared walnut prices can increase several times or more.At present, the market can not only maintain value, but also can add value, can be regarded as an investment.
6, the sense of achievement, through the identification of walnut varieties, appearance, pros and cons.At present, the walnut market "various states stand", so if there is a player can distinguish its pros and cons, value geometry, varieties and appearance of how good or bad leather and so on.
7. People who have a sense of ownership and have been rolling for a long time are called players. Although "article for amusement walnut" is only a circle, there are already unwritten rules in the group, and high-quality walnut and old shine walnut are rare.No one else, I do! Interest come no matter any occasion want to see, want to rolling to play, others have to envy, is this kind of follow one's inclinations own feeling.
8, the sense of fun, disk walnut exquisite many, play a lot.Take text plate as an example, want slight circle turn, natural and fluent.Remember not to make a sound, between the two walnuts is to maintain a "breath", play natural qi blood patency.
Delicate play with wild pecan, slowly knead, silent long disk play, month to effect, years to red, knead to more than ten years, its color purple red, brilliant;Do not knead when standing put, to add antique buildings.Dish play itself, exquisite is a kind of artistic conception.
Let everyone in the play play walnut experience and feel the true meaning of it, enjoy the real happiness, harvest to eternal health.