How does walnuts eat best?

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How does walnuts eat best?
1. Should be taken in moderation and long-term.
Walnuts contain fat, although it is beneficial to remove cholesterol unsaturated fatty acid, but fat itself has the very high quantity of heat, if eat too much and can't be make full use of, the body will be as cholesterol store up, the results backfire. Generally speaking, the weight of a daily dose of walnuts should be around 20-40 grams, or about four to five walnuts. Other fats should also be reduced in order to avoid excessive calorie intake.
2. Peel off the surface of walnut meat.
Some people like to peel off the brown skin on the surface of the walnut, which will lose some of the nutrients, so don't peel it off.
Do not eat walnuts.
Walnut fire gas big, contain oil much, eat more can make fire and disgusting, the person that is on fire, diarrhoea is unfavorable to eat.
Protein pk!
Early fresh walnuts and stored dry walnut protein content there is, but after storage for a period of time you will find that differences became obvious, the amino acid content of fresh walnuts, the content of essential amino acids and other amino acids were higher than that of dry walnut, so dried walnut in dry through high temperature, illumination, ventilation and other factors, greatly accelerated the loss of amino acids.
Fat pk!
Someone said that the walnut and the brain similar so we have a role for brain, is actually fat contain EPA and DHA fatty acids are puzzle to us, then what is the difference between fresh walnuts and dried walnut? Actually dried walnut and walnut of fatty acid composition is the same, and, respectively, using the same method to save time to find their fatty acids is not much difference, so a little effects on the fatty acid content of the dried walnut storing period. Pk after we is not hard to find fresh walnuts than dry walnut slightly higher nutritional value, but the main problem is to store fresh walnuts, because in the process of storage easy to mold, so it is important to note when buying fresh walnuts to see if it really fresh, we are now in the street to buy dosser people are generally more fresh and do not buy, because walnut eating too much can cause excess energy.
Three new ways of eating walnuts are now
Walnuts are considered to be the most beneficial food for the brain because it is constructed like a human brain. Is that correct? What does walnuts actually do? How should we eat walnuts? Today, let's explore the mystery of walnuts.
One, amber walnut
Material: walnut kernel and sugar water sesame
1. When the oil pan is heated to 50% heat, turn it into a small fire, add the walnut kernel and slowly fry the cake.
2. Pay attention to the control of the heat. Don't fry the walnut meat, so that the taste will not be bitter. When you gently touch the walnuts with a shovel, you can feel very crisp and crisp.
3. Another pot, add sugar and water, the ratio is controlled in sugar 2: water 1, the big fire to boil and then turn into a small fire, stirring constantly, slowly until the soup starts to come out evenly yellow bubbles,
Then pour into the Fried walnuts, stir quickly and evenly, and coat it evenly with syrup; Finally, sprinkle with the right amount of sesame.
二、Black forest wild walnut chestnut red bean porridge
Ingredients: red beans, walnuts, chestnuts.
Soak the red bean in warm water for 3 hours. Peel the walnuts and boil the chestnuts for 30 minutes. Cook all ingredients together for an hour.
This porridge is especially suitable for post-menstrual and post-production supplements. Because the red bean is rich in vitamin B1, B2, protein and many kinds of minerals, it has the effect of blood tonic, diuretic, detumescence and promote cardiac activation. Walnut has black hair, solid, cure dryness, adjust blood work; Chestnut flavor gan, the sexual temperature, have the kidney to strengthen the waist, invigorating the spleen to stop the diarrhea, invigorating the blood, hemostatic function.
So this congee is the treasure of the female, it is the season of walnut chestnut, everyone might as well try.
3. Super delicious amber walnut meat
Raw materials: 250g walnut meat, 20g butter, 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of white sugar and 5 spoons of sesame.
1. The walnut meat in the plate, into the microwave oven, uncovering for 1 minute;
2. Remove, add honey, sugar, butter and mix well without adding to the microwave oven for 1 minute; Remove the mixture and microwave for 2 minutes.
3. Remove and mix well and sprinkle with black sesame.
4. The last stall is to be spread out on the plate and you can eat it, and each one is crisp and sweet. Eat more walnuts, can enrich the blood to run the lung, but also can raise the complexion, love to eat not to eat all come to a point.
How to eat walnuts is the healthiest way to eat, and the experts say that for people with long-term brain use, eating one to two walnuts a day can help improve memory.